Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heating the road (English is correct :)

So finally I have internet and I can post some of the latest photos and stories I collected those days.
To start with, Eugene repair some parts of the car and not only, he add to the car some details that made car to be prepared for outback travel. We spend some time in Moriac and Richard help us a lot!!!! Well Eugene made it best!!! :)
SO we are on the way of our big travel. We left Melbourne and now we are camping in Mount clay camping site. There is lots of kangaroo coming closer and eating some leafs. 


Cape Otway camping site. It was the first camping day

Wreck Beach

 That is why this place has name wreck beach :)

Mount clay camping site

I am writing from the roof of the car you just see in the photo :)


For the moment that’s all.
enjoy!!!! :*

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