Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Broom and lots of fishes

We passed through big storm on the way. oooo was scary :)

And here we are in Broom. Very nice city.

For now one we have to be aware of such things :)

And our new supermarket :)


Ooops :)

Eugene caught fish with blue bones and mosquitos are loving him :(

Cape Leveque

Baobab tree.

Well this is really interesting things in Broom. Ocean tide becomes so law that you can have long walt on the bad of ocean. 

This little things are ships

After some hours it will be filled again with water

An old ship

Famous stairs to the heaven. This is the moon reflection to the ocean. 

Punk pigeons in Broom :)

And more fishes. yamiiiii :)

I've learned fishing here and it feels so good to get your food directly from wild nature ;)

So unfortunately we can not see Kimberley and Darwin, because the weathers are still wet and all roads and National Parks are closed. So we are heading towards Alice Spring. We want to cross 1000 km of desert. upiiiiii :) 

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