Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plane towards Australia. 2011

After around 35 hour of travel, not good food in the planes, humid hot stop in Singapore and having plenty of movies in the plane, finally we are in Australia.

Today is 9th of December and outside is 32 °C, strange but great!!!! :D:D:D:

I do not see much things in Melbourne, just because i was sleeping a lot but I saw the moon upside down... ULaaaaaa, that was really scary.

Eugene's Grand parents are so lovely that I do not feel strange here. They make great food and we have always great wine, so me and Eugene we are almost every evening drunk :)

I am convincing Eugene to go to see penguins parade tomorrow, we will see...

Melbourne in the morning. First hot sunny day and yellow light :)

Plain cam photo. Sun rise in front of us.

Plane cam was amazing. We could see where we were flying and what was the view in front of us.

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