Saturday, December 10, 2011

Warming up

These are Australian Grand parents. Very lovely couple. Peggy likes to cook and have healthy food, That is great for us too :) She does most of the job in the house and for the business they have. George is a bit sick and not as active as Peggy but he does what he can. He likes chocolate a lot, specially Swiss one :)

My lovely meal and glass of wine

In front of the house

Christmas is coming in Australia :)

These are photos taken in Melbourne city centre.

We went to see aborigines art in National museum of Melbourne. There were showing really interesting works. They look like decorative art works, but there is lot deep inside it. All of the works are telling stories. These works are about dream time of Australia. Aborigines did not use to paint on the canvases before, such drawings you could see on their bodies before. Now it has been painted on the canvases for the white people.
These drawings can show you the way to find the water, show you the ways in desert and tell you different stories about their journey and about their life.
I am very inspired by those drawings. Each of them are very powerful and touching.

And this is small museum of history of film, television and image.
I took some videos from the show.

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