Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coober Pedy

Well this little city is really special with it's way of life and habitants. People moved here to find Opal and city has been built for this reason. It's so hot in summer that 70% of the houses are under ground. Well city it is not so beautiful but so strange. We talk with some locals that used to mine and they love it, they say it's like game, they are having big pleasure with finding Opal. It's not about money It's about their life.

That was one of the old mine place, now it is use as a camping place for the tourists.

This hole are for having air in the caves.

Our bedroom :) It is in the old mine cave. looks like grave :D

Well this is not a hill, this is the house under the ground.

All this little chimneys shows the quantity of the rooms underground. This was the roof of the underground hotel.

 This is how Coober Pedy looks like.

We had a little tour inside the old mine cave. This man gave us some lessons how to mine and find Opal. He had sparkling eyes while talking about mining and Opal.

And this is magical Breakaways. Very peaceful and beautiful. 

After we moved again towards cost

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