Thursday, March 1, 2012

Towards WA and separation with our friends :)

We left Coober Pedy on the Stuart highway. I tried to help Eugene with the boring long ways. It's is good for me and good for him :)

We cut the road towards Eyre highway on a 300 km track.

The long long boring Eyre highway. It took from us 2 day and half to get from Ceduna to the Baladonia road house after witch we cut again road and took the 4WD road towards Esperance.

Eugene is very hot and tired while driving :D

And this track was one of the  hardest way we took since the beginning.In this point we separated with our friends due to a problem with their car. We had 6 hour of non stoping surprises on the road and fool of difficulties. We were alone and we did not meet any one on the way. Well it was big adventure.

After 6 hour of hard time nature gifted us with a paradise called Cape Arid National Park

White sand and amazing view

You see how Eugene is amazed :D

Little friend that looks like stick.

Our enemy with green eyes. grrrr they bite as hell, but they have beautiful look :D

Our white castle and blue ocean. You need only enjoy it and take good energy. 

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