Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perth with Eugene's relatives and way to Nambung NAtional Park

We stayed in Perth with Eugen's aunt Cindy. We had grate time with her and we had good rest for our continuation. 

This is Tailer. Very cute girl. She has here own languag, small voice and she was liked dry grapes, watermelon and banana a lot :D
I will have good memories about her. :)

We say good buy to Cindy and left Perth. I hope to see here again. :)

We found this place called Wedge Island. We stayed there for a night.
There was so white sand It so quiet and peaceful.

Well we are having luxury gardens every day :)

Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. Golden earth and strange stones out of the ground. 
Pretty amazing place. Some says: long time ago there was a forest in this place. Then there was a big fire. What we see today is the result of transformation of burned trees during thousands of years. Who knows :)

These are Stromatolites, descendants of the earliest lifeforms on earth. It was strange to see those little forms that are alive and breathing. 

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