Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two days of driving towards Newman

Well we left Coral bay and it's beauty in our back and hit the road again. We took our road towards Newman where we hope to find little jobs for us. It's more inland of WA.

More red and actually more beautiful then the cost :)

Colours are different, weather is different and again everything is different.

Eugene was driving and I was getting crazy, because it was 2 days of really long driving :D 

So I was taking lots of photos :D

We stopped for a night. There was so manny flies and bags urgggggg...  but one thing was good; they are attracted by the light so we had bit of rest from their attacks.

We wanted to stop in Karijini National Park but because of bad weather we decided to see this place on the way back from Newman. We need to pass this place any way so now we are in Newman and waiting some answers for the job :) Cross the fingers :D

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