Saturday, March 3, 2012

We found each other :)

Here is the nice story: after the separation with our friends we thought we would miss each other and not meet again, but on the way to Lucky Bay, by chance, we met again and that was really nice. They were coming from Lucky Bay and we were just going there. They told us that the place was crowded and that there was no place for camping so because of all the coincidence we decided to keep going together and this make us happy :)

We were searching for a nice place to camp. We took a small track on the way, but we did not know where it will bring us and we found a great place. 

White sandy hills and beautiful sunset.

And other adventures that we had together after reunion :)

That's Bob :)

Green Pool that was not green because of the weather.

Tourist at the beach :D:D:D:D

Two little friends that join us for the breakfast. They loved our peanut butter :) and walnuts :)

These are giant trees in Valley of the Giants on the southern west coast.

Camping on the moons crossing road.

And Margaret River. Well that was busy day. We decided to find some jobs there, because we will soon run out money. :) So first we decided to find some farm jobs, Margaret river is famous with wines, but places was taken by the other travelers. Then we had an idea to cook Crepes and sell them in the street :) but to get permit was not easy. So we are sitting in front of the Shire office tired and without jobs :D But we are still keeping well. 

And now we are in Perth. We are staying at Eugene's cousin place in Mundaring. Lovely place on the hills of Perth.

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