Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Pink Lake to Coral Cost

This lake is in Port Gregory and it's really pink :) 

Kalbari National Park. 
It was HOT!!!

And when it's hot there are LOTS of flies!!! :)
We did not see much of this place because it was really hot and it was just impossible to have any good time. So we left this place and we took our road towards Coral Bay.

Eugene trying to protect his face from flies :D:D:D:D

Shell beach. No sand only shells everywhere. No words :)

Water was really salty.

 Eugene's killing look :D:D:D:D:D

And Dolphins in Monkey Mia.

We met our friends in Monkey Mia. They found some job there so they will stay for a month there.
Well best place to be and work :) But we continue our journey in Coral Cost.

In Coral Cost you can see this strange form everywhere in the feelds. And this forms are build by Termites, little bags. Strange!!!

Beautiful sun sat in Coral Cost

First place we snorkelled :) We saw octopus here. OOOO crazy!

Well in this road we stack for some hours because car do not wanted to start :( 

SO we had to call technician. In the end we've been towed till Exmouth :) We did not had big problems. There was small thing that burn Cole, so that why we could not start the car (Now I know a bit more about cars:) In the end we payed 400 AUD for everything. Well in Australia and specially in outback this price for such work is nothing, you have to be thankful :) 

So we were happy to continue our journey :D

Turtle centre. it is close to exmouth. We see amazing moment. From April till the end of March little green turtle are being born. Eggs are under the send so to see this moment you have to be lucky.  And if you are lucky you will see hundreds of little turtles coming out of the sand and running into the water. We saw small amount of them but it was magical. 

 I did not use flash so you can not really see the image. 

Here he is almost in the water :)

Well I can not show the places I saw in Coral Bay. The reason is that all the amazing things are under the water. We saw amazing coral, fishes, turtles, star fishes, many many different things. It is really other world. Nature is so different under the water. Well It was my firs Snorkelling experience. I will always have it in my mind and I will miss it a lot.

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