Friday, May 25, 2012

Rethink my concepts and beliefs.

I would like to share with you some of my thoughts I was having in Australia.

What I understood from being closer to the nature and being far from my everyday life. 

Since I understood that many things are wrong in our everyday life I was trying to find my ways to change it in a better way. That was important moments for me and I have learned manny things. But in some ways I become too much theoretical and too much concentrated change others rather then myself. Slowly I forgot were I stand in this planet and I started to see things only in notional level. Being too much conceptual make me too rational and slowly I lost essentiality.
 Am I in peace with my nature?
Here in Australia I started to observe animals, plants, birds, trees, water, etc... I understood that:  if I am one of the species  in this planet I would not be so different from other species with general needs. In order to find out what is my nature I need to learn more from the nature. 
I always had this question: In which point things get wrong in human history? And why are we suffering?
Well this is the big questions and there will not be only one answer, but now I have one more path to find some answers and I think it is good not to forget it.
In Australia I opened my hard to nature and thus I strongly feel closer to it. I see how nature keeps it’s balance. Animals have there food, they eat as much as they need. Plants have water to exist and life circle keeps balance in the nature. ...  There is nothing happening in the nature that will destroy its' balance. 
I think big change in human history started at the point were we decided to master on nature and slowly forget how to keep our natural balance. We started to warship human and we’ve created ideas of gods, “human” beings (the holy Man) that is creators of All and furthermore -  creator of nature for Us, Humans. So this concept gave us all power on nature. We can change it, we can master it and enjoy power on it. This concept gave us power to take more then we need from the nature and wasting the resources. This notion making us greedy and we think only about our selfs. 
Now I know if we will start to understand more nature, remember the knowledge we had before, develop more notion of nature, not technology that makes us lazy and dumb, we could become better for everyone in this planet. 
Well today is 10 of March 2012 and I count from this time. I can not go back in past and I do  not want imagine future. So from today on I need to open my hard in order to gain much more then rational beliefs.
Australia, 2012

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  1. I'm reflecting about this
    thanks for sharing your thoughts