Sunday, May 6, 2012

Uluru and Kata Tjuta

This is Uluru  Kata Tjuta National Park that is organized both aboriginal and white Australians together. 
I found it good to do so. I hope it is working for both of side :)

It is very truistic place but it's true as well that you can not miss this place. It is very incredible things to see. Huge rocks out of ground. We saw big rocks but those ones are huge.

For us it was rainy and cloudy weather in this place. It is not usual to have rain so I guess we had luck to see this place when it's wet.

Ooooou and my little funny store: Well we had small walk in Kata Tjuta. I like to observe plants in Australia.  I am trying to know what is what. What I can eat and what is the use of them and so on... So I found this plant that had small fruits. I tasted a bit, it was sweet but I did not really risk to eat so I picked some of them to show some one with more knowledge of plants. On the way back I saw ranger and I went to talk with him. Me: Can you eat those fruits mister ranger? R: OU actually you do not have a right to touch anything in national park and for this I have to fine you with 45 000 dollar. Me: Oups :D:D:D:D I did not respected this answer :D:D:D:D
Well in the end he was enough nice to not make us pay otherwise these bush plums would be most expansive fruit in the world :D:D:D:D
He sad that it was eatable and that it is very healthy and full of vitamins. On the way I picked some more ;) Well I did not showed to anyone :D

Biut there are so manny things we do not know about nature. Aboriginal  people have knowledge of nature. They know every plants and how to use them. Would be grate if we will listen those people and learn things. 


We learned a bit about this place and it's history. Aboriginal communities still leaving in the aria, still making rituals and asking everybody to respect their rules. Fair enough!

Those black lines are marks of water. When it's rain water is coming from top of the rock down to ground. Creating small pools and water supplies for habitants of aria. 

Places to have some rituals.

Well this rock is more then rock. It is a sacral place for aborigines people. We still do not know much about them and it's nor easy to really understand them but would be enough to respect. That's all they want. 

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