Friday, May 11, 2012

Simpson Desert

 Kulgara Pub on the highway. Here we turn towards Mt Dare where we have to take last possible fuel

We already started to feel desert. 
Day time it's hot and by night it's getting colder. In the early morning it's freezing :)

We slept inside the car because it was too cold night, but then it get better.

On the way towards Mt Dare we stopped to see the real center of crazy Australia.

This point is the geological center of Australia. 

Eugen lost the it :D:D:D:D

This is the last place to have fuel and after this point you are nowhere during 500 km

I mentioned before that in Australia in outback you can find amazing places and this one was one of them. Hot spring water pool is the starting point of Simpson desert. 

Water was 34° hot :)

So we took French Line to cross desert. We had 1100 sand dunes to cross.
Well I will say now that it was really crazy to decide this journey. Normally you have to be with some other car in case of problem, because you will not mite have help for a week. And you have to have reliable car for the desert and we have the car that is not really so good. But after crossing the desert I am proud of us :) And this journey in to the desert became best for me. 

Dingo, Australian wild dog.

Well I can not explain with wards our adventure in this desert. We are missing it so much.
you are under the sun, on the ground with nature. We felt really part of this and it will stay in our hards forever.

some Camels :)

This is one of the sand dune. It was not really hard to pass, it was not so soft but after hundreds of them you are getting tired.

This tree is mystery of the desert. It is here in the middle of desert but it is unusual to have this kind of tree there. First it need so much water it's strange it survive and second there are no other kind of tree in the desert. 

There are lots of plants, flowers and small trees in the desert. It's crazy how they are surviving in this hard temperature. 

Finally I saw red center, hard of Australia.

And those sand dunes are very close to each other so you have them each 3 min :) It means you go up and down all the time. Average height of sand dunes was from 5 to 20 m.

Camping where there is no sound . Eugene liked silence of the desert.  You just do not hear much, just pure silence. Well we had best sleep we could get ever :D:D:D

The sky is huge and you breath differently. 

As Eugene calls it: Simpsonis udabnos puri :)

Our destination was Birdsveal.

We had people on radio that get bogged in the sand. 

Solt lake crossings. We had luck again. These lakes were dry so it was easy to cross.

On the road we pass the point where 3 borders meet.

And the end point of the desert was Big Red. It is biggest and last sand dune.

On top of Big Red.

Our destination town Birdsville is most remote town in Australia but still you can have fresh beer and best kangaroo pie ;)  We are safe and we still have our car :) That is good point.
We did not stayed in Birdsville because we do not have much time before we will leave Australia and we still have to make 3000km till Melbourne via Sydney.

So back to the road

Next destination Sydney. I have to get my visa for Switzerland ;)

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